Take Control of Every Aspect of Your Business

Hire us for business bookkeeping services in Patterson, NY, Danbury, CT and the surrounding areas

No matter how financially savvy you are, having a professional to help you with your business accounting is extremely important. If you're in Patterson, NY, Danbury, CT or the surrounding areas, you can trust Bellucci Bookkeeping & Accounting Management to provide you with comprehensive accounting services. From business bookkeeping services to business financial planning services, we can take care of everything accounting-related to keep your business running smoothly.

Handling every aspect of your financials

We offer a comprehensive lineup of financial services so that you can get professional guidance on any financial issue. You can look to us for:

Business Bookkeeping:

We'll provide you with all-encompassing monthly bookkeeping services ranging from transaction classification to account reconciliation. You'll gain insight into the value and performance of your business with clearly presented financials.

QuickBooks Assistance:

Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors will keep your financials well-organized, properly maintained and accurate using Quickbooks.

Tax Readiness:

We'll confirm that your financials are ready for your tax CPA at the end of each quarter and year. You'll receive guidance on your profits and deductions so there will be no surprises at tax time.

Payroll / Sales Tax:

You can have your payroll professionally organized and processed by us. We'll also help you file your sales taxes so you can avoid financial penalties.

Business Financial Planning:

By utilizing budgeting tools for the coming year and modeling projections for the current one, we can offer you a comprehensive picture of where your business is headed, as well as what your next steps should be to grow it.

Accounting Advisory:

Whether you need help reporting your financials or making improvements to office efficiency, we can consult you to help you with your needs.

Fractional CFO / Controller:

We can offer you fractional or part-time oversight for your accounting and finances. We'll provide you with all the services that a CFO or controller assists with so you can focus on running your business.